Saturday, July 08, 2006

Chapter 2-3

Is the Golden Rule a rational rule? Is it not rather a menial rule, a coward rule, a best-policy rule? Why is it 'right' for one man to do unto others as he would have them do unto him and, what is right? If 'others' are unable to injure him or 'do good' to him, why should he consider them at all? Why should he take any more notice of them than of so many worms? If they are endeavoring to injure him and are able to do it, why should he refrain from returning the compliment? Should he not combat them, does that not give them carte-blanche to injure and destroy him? May it not be 'doing good' to others, to war against them, to annihilate them? May it not, also, be 'good' for them to war against others? (Again, what is 'good?')

Is it reasonable to ask preying animals to do unto others as they would be done by? If they acted accordingly, would they, could they survive? If some only accepted the Golden Rule as their guiding moral maxim, would they not become a prey to those who refuse to abide thereby?

Upon what reasonable and abiding sanction does this 'Rule' rest? Has it ever been in actual operation among men? Can it ever be successfully practiced on earth, or anywhere else? Did Jesus Christ practice it himself upon all occasions? Did his apostles, his 'sons of thunder' practice it? Did Peter the boaster do so, when he 'denied him' for fear of arrest at the camp-fire? Did Judas the financier, when he sold him for net cash? Also, how many of his modern lip servants actually practice it in their daily business intercourse with each other? How many?

These questions require no formal answering. They answer themselves in the asking. And here it must be remembered that the best test of a witness is cross-examination. "Do unto others as you would have others do to you." No baser precept ever fell from the lips of a feeble jew.

It is from alleged moralisms of this sort and fabulous 'principles' that our mob orators, our communards, revivalists, anarchists, red republicans, democrats, and other mob-worshipers in general derive the infernal inspiration that they are perpetually hissing forth. Even the subversive pyrotechnic watchword of their mephisto-millennium are to be found in the 'holy gospels.' Is it not written, "and God sendeth angels to destroy the people?" Behold! These men are the 'angels' that He sends: politicians and reformers!


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