Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chapter 2-5

Reverend Ferdinand M. Sprague of Chicago (who may be taken as a common specimen of the priest-politician) in a little pamphlet lately published, entitled ‘The Laws of Social Evolution,’ writes thus: “The sheet anchor of Socialism is according to its ablest exponents, is the Holy Christian religion. Its motto founded on the precept ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ is, ‘each for all, and all for each.’ Its working principle for the present is altruism.*

* ‘The ethics of socialism are identical with the teachings of Christianity.’ Encyclopedia Britannica.

Nearly all the canonized ‘Fathers’ of the early Roman propaganda (most of whom, by the way, were slaves, freedmen, or eunuchs) advocated similar Ideals. Even now, the anointed and sanctified heads of the Catholic Church resurrects the same hoary old utopianism, in a Jesuitical encyclical addressed to his flock. (How suggestive of being shorn and skinned, is that word, ‘flock.’)

Again, the Epistle of James, who is known to have been Christ’s full brother killed by policeman’s club in a street riot, has been reprinted and widely circulated by Socialists in order to so broadcast their illogical theories of a universal brotherhood, founded upon enforced labor, regimentation of the herd and majority votes.

Many modern cities are, also, infested with plausible epileptoid priestlings of unreason, like Dr. Mcglynn, Professor Bemis, Hugh Price Hughes, W.T. Stead, Myron Reed and Professor Herron of California. All these men are unrivalled masters in the area of persuasive declamation. They accept the New Testament as their text book and preach therefrom to morbid multitudes the atrocious and shallow gospel of equal rights, equal liberty, equal brotherhood, as the veritable omnific word, the newly discovered emancipating protocol of the Crucified (yet all-mighty) Don Quixote, the Savior, God of Asia Minor, he who was born in a cattle-shed and died on a gallows.


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