Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chapter 2-6

A God begging his bread from door to door!
A God without a place to lay his head!
A God spiked to two pieces of crossed scantling!
A God stabbed to death by a hired officer!
A God executed by order of a stipendiary magistrate!

What an insane idea. Is it an idea or rather a wasting cranial disease? Talk about ‘the heathen in his blindness’ and superstitious madness in the past ages! Why it is as childplay to the hysterical Idolatry of today, the deification of a Jew. The ‘Divine Democrat’ was executed upon a government gibbet, because the Rulers of Imperial Rome were more powerful men than he was. His strength and that of his followers was not equal to theirs.

He died an abysmal failure, a Redeemer who did not redeem, a Savior who did not save, a Messiah whipped like a calf, a slave-agitator deservedly destroyed for preaching a Falsehood, the monstrous gospel of Love, Brotherhood, and Equality.

Even from the spiritual point of view, there is nothing whatever in his life or its after effects to show that ‘The pale man upon the cross,’ when he moaned and wept so bitterly, ‘beheld any further down the Void, than those who gathered round to see him die.’

Of what use was that ‘pale dreamer’ to the iron conditions that existed in the conquered and garrisoned Fortress of Jerusalem? For once the city mob were on the right trail, when they petitioned for the release of Bar Abbas, rather than the supple singer of a ‘Sweet bye and bye.’ Bar Abbas is described in the ‘Scriptures’ as a petty thief. He was really an armed insurgent leader, the slayer of Roman tax-gatherers, a guerrilla chief (like Rob Roy, Robin Hood, William Wallace, William Tell) who levied toll upon opulent Hebrews for patriotic purposes.

Had I been there that day, I, also, would have joined in the demand: “release Bar Abbas into us.” Better one Bar Abbas than a thousand Christs.
Alas! Alas! O Galilean! Thou are neither the Way, the Truth, nor the Light!


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