Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chapter 3-1

Just as the spider weaves his silky web, to lure flies into the larder of his banqueting hall in order that he may, at his leisure, pick the flesh off their bones, so, deceitful Ideals are cunningly woven by dexterous political spiders, to capture and exploit swarms of human flies.

What are the grandiose paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, but the weft and woof of a dazing spider-web? And what are the American people but the flies that have been cleverly entangled in its gossamer meshes. For over a century this ‘Declaration’ has been the parchment divinity of all public orators, from the curbside dervish at the street corner, to our Elective Monarch in the White House. Every 4th of July, Americans habitually scream themselves hoarse over its sounding generalities: making the welkin ring with tin-horns, giant fire-crackers, flag-idolatry, brass bands, toy pistols and herd-bellowing generally. Although the great majority of them are mental and physical dwindlings, poverty stricken, and property-less, yet how insanely they delight in amusing a sardonic world with their loquacious flamboyant charlatanry. “We are sovereigns and equals” is their everlasting Barmecide chorus. “Sovereigns and Equals!”

In all lunatic asylums may be found inmates who fancy themselves kings and queens, and lords of the earth. These sorrowful creatures, if only permitted to wear imaginary crowns and issue imaginary commands, are the most docile and harmless of all maniacs.

As for the American People of to-day: is not their written constitution but a cunningly constructed straight jacket, their moral codes, padded prison cells; their statute laws, handcuffs and leg-irons, their Captains of Industry, keepers and turnkeys in clever disguise? One hundred years ago they ostensibly commenced ‘independent’ operations with the richest continent on earth as their private property, their subscribed capitol and during the whole of that period, have they not been as busy as so many relays of draught beasts-of-burden, pumping the tremendous natural wealth out their home soil, and pouring it over-sea into the cesspools of Europe?

Is not that the work of lunatics? They smashed and splintered the wooden political yoke of an English king and then proceeded to rivet around their necks a brand new yoke of bolted steel, which they forged especially to fit themselves; and which they dignified under the name of “Constitutional Freedom.”

Is not that also the work of lunatics? Cursed indeed are the harnessed ones! Cursed are they even though their harness be home made, even although it tinkles musically with silver bells, aye! Even though every buckle and link and rivet thereof be made of solid gold.

How absurd of men to hurrah over their ‘glorious political liberty’ who have not even been able to retain possession of the substantial products of their own laboriousness. After a century of ‘constitutional progress,’ ten percent of all the population are absolute owners of ninety-two percent of all the property.

Now, O reader! Are not these things the outward and visible sign of organic dementia?


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