Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chapter 3-2

The Declaration of Independence commences by proclaiming an unctuous falsehood, a black, degrading, self-evident lie, a lie which no one could possibly believe but a born fool. With insolent effrontery it brazenly proclaims as ‘a self evident truth’ that ‘all men are created equal’ and that they are ‘endowed by their Creator* with certain inalienable right,’ rights which it thereupon proceeds to define in canting phraseology, imbecile and florid as it is false.

* A mythical airy being who roams about Eternity manufacturing Things out of Nothings, a fable.

Indeed the mock-heroic preamble of this rhetorical pronunciamento is but a cunningly constructed piece of blague, deliberately intended to deceive and betray. It consists of a patchwork of plagiarized catchwords, annexed wholesale from the ravings of seventeenth-century Levellers, crazed puritanic Mattoids and eighteenth-century cretinous French Jacobeans, all mixed up and jumbled together with a long rigmarole of semi-meaningless, pretty phrases, culled mostly from an old time melodrama.

The Declaration of Independence has less real meaning for present conditions than a bottled-up Indian war-whoop of the same period would have, if uncorked now. It is a back-number, musty, high smelling, and worm-eaten: only fit for the walls of a museum or the brain-cells of, a daft philosopher.

Its ethical and most of its political conclusions are shams, deceptions and cold-blooded dishonesties, incandescent lies, glorified, belauded, printed in letters of gold, but nevertheless, Lies.

Indeed it has always been considered a piece of amusing mockery by those who really understood the secret intent for which it was originally constructed: Viz: as a lasso for the bellowing Herds, that, about one hundred years ago were beginning to run wild, and escape from their herdsmen, and herdsmen’s stock-whip, in this (then) boundless New World.

To all contemporary demagogues, the high-sounding phraseology of the ‘Declaration is as honey from paradise.’ Everywhere its seductive abstractions are the Avatars of anarchism, communism, republicanism, and scores of other zymotic convulsions.

Why then should sane men continue giving lip-service to the subtle deception? Why should they, by their silence, acquiesce in the malefic efforts of Organic Weaklings, (instigated by prattles of a false philosophy) to enforce by electioneering mass-pressure an impossible and hideous Equality Ideal?

Every national appeal is now made, not to the Noblest and the Best, but to the riff-raff, the slave hordes, who possess less intelligence than night-owls. All that is brave, honorable, heroic is ignored tacitly, for fear of offending the deified herd, ‘the Majority.’ ‘Equality of conditions’ is its debasing shibboleth and verily he who has temerity enough to spit upon Equality is liable to be horned to death.

The ‘Voice of the People’ can only be compared to the fearsome shrieks of agony that may now and then be heard issuing forth from the barred windows of a roadside madhouse. ‘The voice of God!’ Alas! Alas!


Anonymous Pedro said...

Hey, mate, great job, but is it 3-2 or 3-3?

23/7/06 23:35  
Blogger Redbeard said...

Good catch, thanks for reading.

12/7/07 19:55  

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