Monday, July 31, 2006

Chapter 3-4

When we look back upon the childlike faith in Constitutionalism, displayed by our Revolutionary Fathers together with their infantile republican specifics for the redemption of mankind, we cannot help smiling. At every general election, since 1776, Americans have solidly for increasing the despotic authority of their elective rulers and task-masters. Personal liberty is very nearly unknown (except in the newspaper) and any citizen who dares to think in direct opposition to the dogma of the Majority does so at the risk of his life, if he thinks too loudly.

Indeed, men of the initiative and enterprise are now in the regular habit of purchasing immunity from Communal molestation by bribing legislatures and officials upon a wholesale scale. The State is a blackmail agency.

Enterprises necessitating state-permits and large preliminary expenditures of capitol cannot be safely taken until elective satraps (Aldermen, Judges, Governors, Congressmen, Presidents, Senators, etc.) have first negotiated a percentage ‘rake-off.’ Neither life nor property is safe from the malignancy, revenge or greed of government officials or their confederates. He who would assert himself in this Republic, under present conditions, must be a man of unscrupulous acumen and shrewdness. He must know the exact price of every ‘patriot,’ with whom business brings him in contact and be ready to pay it without demurnay, with an appearance of hearty enthusiasm: otherwise it will go hard with him. Should he be a poor man, his chances in life are infinitesimal, so long as he is conscientious. No citizen ‘can call his soul his own,’ who dares to openly attack the administrative scoundrelism, scoundrelism based securely upon purchasable majority votes. Those thievish official peculators of Turkey, China, Persia, and Morocco would hang their heads in utter shame at their own clumsy methods of robbery, if they once beheld the magnificent mechanism and finesse wherewith American politicians enrich themselves by bleeding the treasuries, stealing public lands, and sweating the revenues.

Indeed, Grand Viziers (heaven bless them) not only plunder living generations, but they even make Futurity contribute to their hungry rapacity.

Their schemes of financial legerdemain are of unparalleled brilliance and grandeur. They borrow thousands of millions upon National Credits from the Usurers, and then proceed to apportion the money unto each other, under the elaborate pretense of needful public expenditure, redeeming the currency, etc., etc.

In order that the Jew may be secured in his usurious ‘shent-per-shent,’ oppressive taxes are laid on the Peasantry wherewith to pay the annual interest charge upon the Bonded Millions. All of these tributes are collectable (in appreciating gold) at the point of the Supreme Court’s bayonet. However, military assistance is very seldom needed to enforce the tax-collector’s demands, because most Americans are exceptionally docile and ‘good.’ No need of coercion with a palsied people, ever eager to obey the slightest nod of their Masters.

America! America! Never shall you realize the true meaning of thorough-going Independence and Self-Proprietorship until an American Cromwell or an American Caesar has signed the death-warrant of an American King. The Executive who sells his people into bondage is a Public Enemy, whether he be an elective Monarch or a hereditary King. Such a Scoundrel and Traitor has no rights that property holding Freemen are bound to respect: no not one. By accepting the gold of Public Plunderers he makes himself an Ishmaelite. His hand is against every man’s hearth and every man’s property. Therefore, every man’s hand should be uplifted against him.

In days not long gone by, men of our Race have hung bribe-takers with scant ceremony; and even rolled the heads of Kings into the executioner’s basket.

If we are not to be robbed now of everything we possess and reduced to conditions of absolute State servitude, we must not shrink from doing so again.

Despotism, if it is to be overthrown, must be fought with its own weapons, and the vilest of Despotisms are ever founded upon Majority votes.

As for ‘the Common People,’ they are energetically chasing shadowy paternalisms and allowing their substance to be ‘appropriated’ on a gigantic scale. They are living in a fool’s paradise of ‘progress,’ and ‘peaceful industrial evolution,’ as the cant phrases go. Some of these days they may possibly wake up (when too late) and discover with alarm and astonishment that all their mock iambics have been of no avail against the insidious growth of centralized Oligarchic Herbariums, ballot-box desolation and industrial imperialism.

Americans have yet to learn that each generation must fight out it’s own good fight, and not rely for the preservation of its hardihood and independence, upon moth-eaten parchments nor on fraudulent statesmen, now in the graveyard, statesmen who spent their petty babble some lives; not in doing heroic things, but in founding and enthroning the abominations that afflict us all to-day like a palsy. Our national hero-worship badly wants reconstruction.


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