Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chapter 3-5

Many years after the ‘Declaration’ was issued, our written Constitution was constructed with much voluble sophistry and mimic strife. That document considered as a whole, is the most cunningly worded and at the same time most terrible instrument of Government and Mastership that any Anglo-Teutonic tribe has ever yoked itself up under. Pretending to ‘grant’ liberty and self-government, it practically annihilates both. Under the show of ‘guaranteeing’ personal independence and civil rights, it has organized an elective tyranny, wherein the mob-monarch possesses more arbitrary authority than any dynastic despot since the days of Darius or Belshazzar.

The highest crime is actually written in the ‘highest law of the land.’

“Thus, did the Guile-Masters,
Their toils and their tangles set;
And, as wide as was the water:
So wide was the woven net.”

Indeed the written Constitution of our Republic is a monstrous mechanical contrivance that bids fair (when once it has got properly underway) to squeeze the very heart out of all the Best Elements in America.

Our Federal government may be very appropriately compared to a pirate ship cleverly disguised as a friendly armed cruiser conveying a fleet of peaceful merchantmen loaded with an immense treasure and 70,000,000 passengers. When it first came to their ‘assistance’ it was, O! So kindly! So affectionate! So full of loving regard for its intended prey, for the welfare and bon-voyage of its quarry. Now, however that its forty-five ships of state are out in the open ocean and absolutely at its mercy, it strips off its decoy rig, hoists the ‘Death’s-head-and-bloody-bones,’ and opens its hidden portholes, runs out its round-lipped broadsides and yells through its editorial speaking-trumpets, “Heave to there, or you’ll be blown out of the water.”

Thus it will be seen, the Jesuitic ‘Evangel of Equality’ has proved itself a tremendous success. It seduced the American People into a feeling of contentment and security till their ‘bonds’ and fetters were properly forged, polished, and neatly riveted on.

Well fashioned, indeed was the Net! A splendid spider web it has proved itself, and withal, needful.

Under the hypnotic spell of a ‘free and equal’ dream, Americans have been hustled into a convict-prison of laboriousness to piratical masters a thousand times more terrible and more unyielding than any history can describe. All that is now left of Liberty is its name, and the harmless privilege the common people have of scolding their Proprietors in vulgar editorial diatribes at or about election times. Occasionally they do descend into the streets, indulging in sanguinary vociferations upon the same general principle that impels a mangy cur to howl most dismally, if struck with a brick.

The conflict between the masters and helots is over for the present and the masters having conquered are in possession of the booty and the field. Hark! The songs of victory, the flap of the battle-pennons!

Indeed, considering all the circumstances, the common people are ‘lost souls,’ no matter what they now do, they must remain in hell. Their position is that of a worm trying to escape from its hole in a heated burning log; if it runs to the right it runs into heat and smoke, if it runs to the left it runs into blazes. A few minutes more and it is roasted alive.

Even should America’s servile multitudes appeal to the arbitrement of Physical Force, they cannot possibly win. Possessing neither the strength, courage, brains, arms, money nor leaders, they must be blown into eternal fragments by their master’s highly trained artillerists, and scientific destroyers.


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