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Chapter 3-10

Heredity has ever so much more to do with social conditions then the majority of modern men are willing to admit. Judging by results, that nations ignore Birth and Breeding at their peril, for just as there are noble animals, there are noble men. If a stock-raiser throws down his dividing fences and permits all his cattle to mix-up promiscuously together, what kind of a herd would he have, say in one decade? Nothing but weeds, hybrids, and mongrels!

Now, that is exactly what nations attempt when they endeavor to establish an equality of privileges and of happy, peaceful conditions.

The close psychological connection that exists between ancestry and degeneracy, crime, genius, insanity, etc., etc., is now everywhere being acknowledged, thanks to the researches of Galton, Lombroso, Mosso, Otto Ammon, Ferri, Kraft Ebbing, and others.

If criminals are criminals, by descent or by birth, is it not equally probable that slaves are slaves by the facts of their breed and ancestry? Does it not also follow that heroes and strong, powerful, resolute, personalities, have derived their solid stamina from their forefathers. Indeed all history and all genealogies prove that this is a mathematical fact. Great men are ever the descendants of mighty warriors and conquerors, that is to say, of mighty animals.

Von Otto Ammon cites a remarkable instance, which goes to prove the selective and ethnic advantages of Warfare. He states that all German children born during the Franco-Prussian campaign of ’71 (also, the years immediately following) show a strikingly high average excellence, both of body and mind.

The converse is equally demonstrable. Show me a herd of humans who have been underfed day-drudges from their youth up and I will show you a herd of cattle whose ancestors were, also, propertyless vassals and serfs, beaten in diplomacy and in war for ages past. (Take the Irish peasantry and the fellaheen of Egypt as examples.) This statement admits no qualification, for if one exception can be discovered, it will serve to prove the general rule. A man in the full possession of all his faculties, of leonine ancestry, well-born, self-contained, would rather cut his own throat from ear to ear with a blacksmiths rasp, than live the life of an average hired laborer in any civilized ‘hell’ on earth.

The nexus between self mastership and breed is of tremendous significance. Therein is the Lost Secret.

Undoubtedly new born infants are daily coming wailing into this world, with the words, statesman, tramp, wastrel, warrior, priest, philosopher, criminal, thief, king, slave, and coward, indelibly branded upon their brows, their hearts and their brains.

Our talents, our virtues and our vices, depend entirely upon our individual mechanism; and that mechanism is the result of countless chemic transformations, extending over ages but modified to a large extent by climate and soil. “What is bred in the bone, will never come out of the flesh,” wrote Pilpay thousands of years ago. There is a pregnant ethnic philosophy in four lines (quoted from Keramos):

“This clay well mixed with marl and sand,
Follows the motion of my hand;
For some must follow, and some command:
Though all are made of clay.”

Although all may be made of clay in the poetic sense, it must never be forgotten that the clay itself is composed of differentiated elements. The clay that is in a Blackfellow or a Chinaman is not the clay that is in a Shakespeare or a Bismarck. Some ‘clay’ will grow good wheat and make very bad bricks, just as some breeds of animals are born to be hunters and others born to be hunted. Some clay will raise splendid crops, even from poor seed, and some never produces anything (no matter how highly cultivated) except thorns and weeds and nettles and poisons. The natures of men are molded almost entirely by the nature of the soil from which they have been grown. Man is a perambulating crop. In some places he grows to perfection; in other locations he won’t grow at all or runs to seed. In India the Anglo Saxon dwines and dwindles, but in Canada and the Northern States he even develops increased stamina.

All science, all history, and all experience are unanimous in disproof of equal, natural rights for all men (that strident doctrine of the fool); and yet the insolent, proofless assertions of a Zeno, a Jefferson, a Jack Cade, Robespierre, or a Jewish Carpenter (when fantastically engrossed and framed or bound in a book) are passively accepted by the intellectual serfs of this degenerate nineteenth century, and trumpeted to the end of the earth as a sublime and holy revelation. Equalityism passes almost unchallenged in public orations, because to openly question its veracity is felt to be unpopular, and with the ignoble leaders of public opinion in all democracies, popularity is everything, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. The result in Anglo-Saxondom is simply nauseous.

Young men are mentally mutilated, systematically ‘educated’ by schools, press and literature upon fundamental hallucinations, pyrotechnic shams and glittering illusions, illusions that are the perennial source of fruitless servile uprisings, social heart-burnings, internecine unpleasantness and sundry other secondary symptoms of social cancer.

Our Government Educational Systems are absolutely under the direct control of Politicians. These Priests-of-the-State select and train the teachers, vote the salaries and dictate what Truths and Lies the textbooks shall contain. Indeed our National Schools are managed upon the same Jesuitic plan, whereby monks and prelates of old, successfully worked the Universal Church. “Come right here and we’ll improve your mind free of cost,” suavely saith the high priests of this New Idolatry, this devouring Dragon, the Impersonal State. So the pure-hearted, rosy-cheeked, little ones enter unsuspectingly. Gradually, as they are ‘brought under the influence,’ the grey brain-pulp is forced out of plastic young skulls, and lies, nice pretty poetic lies (mixed with unavoidable facts and perverted truths) skillfully injected. Did you ever see medical students extract the brain of a frog and then fill up the vacuum with pith? The frog does not die, it lives, hops about quite lively and seems to possess its former intelligence and vitality, but it is all illusion. What experiment vivisectionist do to frogs, state-priests do to the children of men.

Bit by bit, with dates and lists and emasculated histories, the iniquitous brain-wrecking deviltry proceeds. When completed, young men and women are turned out with addled brains, into a warring world, incapables, semi-imbeciles, unable to defend or assert themselves, footballs of fate, ready to serve anyone. Is it not notorious, the ineptitude, mechanical imitativeness and want of initiative, displayed by state-educated young men? Instead of being urged to think and act for themselves, they are taught, like well-drilled slaves to Believe and Obey. They are even trained to glorify and worship Idols, with strident shouts and modulated canticles, not honest Idols of wood and stone, but Idols of sheepskins, bound pamphlets, variegated rags and the falsified renown of dead Scoundrels, i.e. Statesmen.

It requires a stout rope, a firm post and muscular men to hold an unbroken colt. But when by Force and petting he has once been subdued, i.e. tamed, educated, saddled, bridled, he may be led anywhere, even with a piece of twine in the hands of a little child. O, ye State-Priests, so adroit, so eloquent! Ye cunning demons! Ye wolves in sheep’s clothing! Ye corrupters of Youth! Ye generation of vipers! How can you escape someday from being “hung up by the tongue on the red-hot hooks of a real live hell.”

Thirty years ago the United States quixotically essayed to demonstrate racial equality with riffle bullets and bomb-shells, but failed most ignominiously. Southern valleys were strewn with Northern and Southern bones and millions of tax-treasures blown from the lips of cannons without any tangible result, except to demonstrate before an interested world, the utter failure and hollowness of equality principles.

A people that deliberately enters upon a gigantic war in order to firmly establish a Centralized Despotism, and at the same time reduce itself to the social level of the Negro, the Russian Jew, the Coolie, the Chinaman, and the European Serf must indeed (to use a suggestive vernacularism) have ‘wheels in its head.’

The ‘man and brother’ lie has certainly succeeded in writing itself in a ‘constitutional amendment’ but in real life it is far from actuality as ever it was. The ‘free’ Negro of New Orleans or Charleston is a more degraded, more despised being; and of less money value to his proprietors now than when it was customary to buy and sell him at the auction block, instead of as at present on the Stock Exchange.

What the late civil war really accomplished was to degrade the white slave to the lower level of the plantation nigger, and in that respect it was a triumph in ingenuity. The whites fought, actually fought each other to demonetize themselves. Equality! Equality! What brilliant deeds have been ‘perpetrated’ in thy name? Lincoln however! Was he not ‘a great statesman?’ Decidedly he was! Well indeed he knew how to ‘round-up’ the herd with bewitching phrases?

Hark! Do you hear those drunken slaves caterwauling down the street? Lo! It is election night! “Hurrah! Hurrah!” They sing, “We’ll sound the jubilee! Glory be to Lincoln, the man who made us free.” In Morocco the eunuchs and other menials, bless their fate and the Prince, at the very time he condescends to cut their throats with his own hands. Americans however, are a free-born people not to be duped in this way.

Throughout both Northern and Southern states, the social chasm between the highest and lowest human organisms (whether white or black, or black-and-tan,) is even more pronounced now, than ever it was previously. For example, although the Negroes are a majority in many States, they are never permitted to attain actual administrative power and they never shall.

You cannot paint the Negro white with laws and constitutions, though you write it in the fire and smoke of wars and revolutions.


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