Monday, August 07, 2006

Chapter 3-8

Every atom of organic matter has its own vital peculiarity. Every animate being is different in osseous structure and chemical composition. Ethnology, Biology, History, all proclaim Equality to be a myth. Even the great epics of antiquity are all glorifications of inequality: inequality of mind, inequality of birth, of courage or condition. Can equality of body, equality of mind, equality of origin, equality before the law or any other kind of ‘equality’ be demonstrated by any one fact?

Mentally and morally, every breathing being is a self poised monad, a different ego. No two germs, planets, suns, or stars, are alike. Among the higher vertebrates this is especially so, and consequently, the only law that men ought to honor or respect; is the law that originates, and finds it final sanction is themselves, in their own consciousness.

Inequality is summed up in the scientific axiom “inferior organisms succumb, that superior organisms may survive, propagate, and possess.” In other words, the proper place for Lazarus is to rot among the dogs. And the proper place for Caesar is at the head of his irresistible legions.

From the soles of his feet to the crown of his head, the bones, skin, and flesh of his body, even the grey brain pulp, the electric nerves and tissues, mental ganglia and internal viscera of a man belonging to the African, Mongolian, Semite, or Negrito breeds are all fundamentally different in formation, constituents, and character; from the corresponding anatomical sections in men of Aryan descent. The points of non-resemblance may be superficially imperceiveable, but they are organic, deep seated.

Notwithstanding the dexterous writers of strategic fables, dross is dross, gold is gold, and some men are better, born nobler, born braver than others.

Aristocracy by birth rests upon an unalterable scientific basis of heredity and selection; but an aristocracy of money rests mainly upon bolts and bars, i.e. upon laws that may be abrogated at a moments notice.

Though unable to reason out in logical sequence their inherent abhorrence of social and racial equality, most men instinctively detest it, in practice.

What white father for example, would encourage the marriage of a hulking thick-skulled Negro with his beautiful and accomplished daughter? Would he enthusiastically ‘give her away’ to the matrimonial embraces of a Chinaman, a Coolie, or the leper-hugs of a polluted ‘mean white?’ Are there ten such citizens even in North America, where equality of birth and condition is so much speechified and, never seen? Are there five? Is there one who would not rather see the daughter of his loins, stiff, stark and cold in her shroud? Should that one exist (he being of sound mind) let him speak. Then and only then, can this diabolical gospel of intrinsic equality be reconsidered.

Meanwhile, plain practical citizens are justified in regarding it, not as a self-evident truth, but an insolent, malignant and abominable lie, a lie that shall yet be stamped out forever, with blood and fire.

You have only to look at some men, to know that they belong to an inferior breed. Take the Negro for example. His narrow cranial development, his prognathous jaw, his projecting lips, his wide nasal aperture, his simian disposition, his want of forethought, originality and mental capacity: are all peculiarities strictly inferior. Similar language may be applied to the Chinaman, the Coolie, the Kanaka, the Jew, and to the rotten-boned, city degenerates of Anglo-Saxondom, rich and poor. Vile indeed are the inhabitants of those noxious cattle kraals: London, Liverpool, New York, Chicago, New Orleans: and yet, in those places is heaped up the golden plunder of the world.

Enthographists of the very highest authority, assert that over ten thousand years ago, the black, white, and yellow types of men-animals were as pronounced, and as ineffaceable as they are to-day. The hieroglyphics and records of ancient tombs and monuments, cuneiform inscriptions, antiquarian researches, and the systematic study of pre-historic skulls and skeletons all bear the same uniform testimony.

Inequality of birth and condition can never perish from off the earth. Never! And why should it? Who can fill the valleys up and lay the mountains low?


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