Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chapter 3-11

To solemnly proclaim that ‘all me are created equal’ is as stupid and unscientific as to assert that all dogs, cattle, apes, and trees are equal.

Are there not as many diverse varieties of dogs, cattle, apes, and trees as there are of men, planets, germs, stars, and suns? Where then is the intrinsic equality between an oak tree and currant bush, between a mettlesome wolf-hound and a yelping street cur, between a buffalo bull and a hand-fed steer, between an untamable gorilla of the woods and an organ grinder’s castrated monkey, between a cosmic-brained Bismarck and that famous Christling, ‘the good young man who died.’ Cannot a blooded bulldog whip a solid score of lean half-starved street mongrels? Upon exactly the same principle, a small body of bold, self-reliant, brainy men are ever more than a match (under any circumstances) for 10,000 nay, 10,000,000 greasy mechanics. What is a mechanic anyhow but a specially trained slave? And it would take the spirit of 1,000 American slaves to make that of one live man. Theoretically all these organisms are of ‘the same species,’ but in the savage rush for bread, love, space and life, there are as much functional difference between them, as there is between a royal Bengal tiger and ‘Mary’s little lamb.’ The lamb was made to be eaten and the tiger was made to eat it; and man was born to struggle as the sparks fly upwards.

The necessities of environment make of each man, the rival or enemy of other men, more especially, those with whom he comes in direct personal conflict. Where then does equality come in? It does not ‘come in’ at all. It is an idiotic myth. There must always be a substratum of victimized organisms. How could there be heroes if there were no slaves? How could there be great nations if there were no contemptible ones?

Compare the noble qualities inherent in some dogs with the obsequious ‘virtues’ that distinguish nine men out of ten. Now, give to a canine or homo equal liberty of action, equal opportunity, equal ‘rights’ and what will be the result? Must not the fiercest fighter fatten, while the skeletons of lean weaklings project through their scrofulous hides? What power originating among themselves could dictate and enforce, equality of opportunity?

Socialism, Christianism, Democratism, Equalityism, are really the whining yelpings of base-bred mongrel-multitudes. They howl aloud for State intervention, ‘protection for suffering humanity,’ regulated mill-grinding as it were; with the State to be their Supreme Idol, their God and Master, their All in All, their Great Panjandrum. Poor deluded base spirited ‘weeds.’ Truly the ‘Curse of God’ is in the very marrow of their bones, in every pump-stroke of their dying hearts.

The man who prays to be ‘protected’ by politicians, guarded by armed Janissaries, saved by idolatrous priests, and redeemed by State Regimentation is indeed a miserable sinner, a vile, despicable, un-manly wretch.


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